Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Kaki Lima*

Indonesia 2007

Very popular in Indonesia, specially in the island of Java is the Kaki Lima.
Men, who push a cart to sell their treats.
The men also make a distinct sound according to what they are selling.
There is also a schedule to the menu too.

Indonesia 2007

These carts are fully functioning kitchens. They have propane powered stoves to keep the soup/noodles piping hot.

The only caveat is that they do not have running water.

So, unless you're Indonesian or have been living in Indonesia and have a conditioned system, I can't recommend them. I've heard that they are really really good.

*Kaki Lima = Legs 5. On the cart 3, 2 wheels and a back support leg. On the peddler, 2.

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