Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Bali's Dogs

I noticed a large amount of dogs wandering around the Balinese countryside.
You don't notice them in Kuta, but on the road to Ubud or perhaps in Seminyak you notice.
They wander in packs or in solitude. Some are feral some are domesticated.
Some are cared for communally, some are lucky enough to be pets.
They don't bother anyone, they're probably more fearful of humans if anything.
Twice I witnessed near collisions between a dog and a vehicle.

I asked our guide Ibu Made about them, she responded that they just are.
From her inflection, I would think like squirrels or perhaps pigeons would be here in the States.
I read that there are about 800,000 street dogs in Bali.

There are some non-profits making a difference.

The Balinese based, Yayasan Yudisthira Swarga.
The Australian based, Bali Street Dog Fund.

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