Friday, April 13, 2007

Kereta Api*

The train my first choice for getting around within the island of Java.
My favorite is the train that runs from Jakarta to Bandung.
The tracks run on rails that go through beautiful mountainous terrain.

This time, we took the 4 hour journey goes from Bandung to Yogya.
There was a soccer/sepak bola match between the two rival cities later that afternoon. The train was filled with fans.

Indonesia 2007

I spent time with the crew in the dining car.
It's not used as a dining car, since there is no AC.
The sound of the tracks, the company of the locals and the coffee is worth it.
The train serves Bandung's famous Kopi Aroma.
A couple of spoonfuls of coffee in a glass, some sugar, hot water and a stir…
This is the best coffee I've ever had.

Indonesia 2007

This man is probably the hardest working on the train.
He has several roles. In this picture he is getting portions of rice for our box lunch.

*Kereta Api literally means Fire Cart.

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