Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Kota Gudeg, Yogyakarta

Yogya is famous for many things.
The dish gudeg is one of them.
The main ingredient of gudeg is green jackfruit known as nangka in Bahasa Indonesia.
It is cooked in coconut milk, tamarind, palm sugar and many spices.
Chicken and eggs are frequently added, but if your are vegetarian, these items are optional.

Indonesia 2007

Indonesia 2007

Go to Gudeg Yudjum on Jl. Widjilan, a becak driver will know.
It is a very traditional place to experience this treat.
They only have low tables. You have to have get used to sitting on the floor.
For me, it's a little difficult, my old legs are stiff.
Believe me, it's worth the discomfort.
Gudeg with Opor Ayam and teh botol, US$1.80.

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